Our Approach

As students in the Lexington Public School system, we know that students often struggle because nobody actually takes the time to explain the concepts that are being taught in class. Teachers don’t have time to provide personalized instruction to each and every student. Our mission is to provide a clear, personalized experience for your child, that not only allows them to practice, but to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts that will reinforce what they learn later in life.

Our Story

The seeds of this business were sown in our freshman year of high school. What we saw astounded us. Almost all of our classmates were struggling in some way or another. In fact, everyone we knew was overburdened and under-prepared. Since we had already gone through this challenge, we realized that we could take all that we had learned and use that knowledge to create a flexible, personalized, and educational experience for all.

Meet the Team

Filip Vrancic

Filip Vrancic currently attends Lexington High School as a sophomore. He does Varsity debate, and also participates in Model UN. He is extremely interested in mathematics and science, and their potential applications, as well as entrepreneurship and finance. He has previously created puzzles for on online puzzle hunt that he organized, as well as developed.

Noah Quadri

Noah is a sophomore at Lexington High School. He is a varsity member of both the cross country and track teams, a cellist with the symphonic orchestra, and an aspiring engineer. Previous job experience includes writing media reviews for the Kids’ Media Centre at Seneca College and developing multifaceted puzzles for an online gaming site he also helped to develop.

Photo credit: StevensFive Photography

Next Steps…

If you are interested in our tutoring services, click the button below and fill out the form with your availability. Let us know what grade level and subject(s) your child needs assistance with, and we will match you with one of our amazing tutors! We look forward to helping your child unlock their academic potential.

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